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Welcome to Amazing Concepts Software, the software consulting business of Jay F. Davis, incorporated in 1998. I live and work in Atlanta, Georgia, and specialize in mobile and web-based application development.

Lately I wear three technology specific hats in the Atlanta, Georgia region:

I have several published iPhone Apps, all published by my partnership company, MightyJams, LLC:

birdJam HeadsUp Warblers birdJam TheApp birdJam HeadsUp Sparrows

As an Atlanta PHP Developer, I concentrate on e-commerce solutions and web applications using the LAMP architecture: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. I continue to work with several companies to develop and maintain web apps and e-commerce installations.

As an Atlanta Database Architect and Database Programmer, I continue to work on high-end database projects with Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. I actively develop and maintain a database loading program using Perl and other scripting languages on Unix and Windows Server.

The combination of these skills has been very useful as an Atlanta iPhone App Developer. Web applications and databases (both internal to an app and external in a web service/application) are often essential elements of an iPhone App, so my experience has proved beneficial as I've immersed myself in iPhone App development.

Please contact me!

Note: Many of the blog entries and articles on this site are terribly out-of-date. I hope there is something that you enjoy.


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