Wednesday February 5, 2003

Content Management on a Dime

by Jay F. Davis,

I've been exploring open-source (i.e., free) weblog software for the past few weeks and it strikes me that many of these tools could be used as content management tools to compete, at least on the low-end, with tools such as Oracle 9i Application Server.

On the face of it, this seems like an audacious thing to say. However, several of the open-source tools are maturing rapidly. Some even offer work flow capabilities that used to be reserved for the big guys.

For the moment I've settled on b2 for my own purposes because it is simple and drives the data straight from the database.

Some of the others are fairly complex (i.e., phpNuke, geeklog and postNuke), and I haven't been willing (yet) to spend the time to really learn them.

However, if you're a corporate IT manager considering content management solutions, these tools deserve a look. I think they will revolutionize the content management space in the same way that MySQL is revolutionizing the database space.

After all, where is the ROI on a tool that costs $500,000 (with consulting fees) when you can get a good-enough tool for much less. Perhaps this will soon be another example of a disruptive technology (see my Jan 19, 2003 entry).


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