Database Architect, Database Developer and DBA Services

by Jay F. Davis,

If you're looking for a database architect, database developer or DBA who has worked with multiple databases, including Oracle 9i, MySQL and SQL Server, you've come to the right place. I specialize in short-term and temporary database projects for growing businesses, offering DBA and database development skills found usually only in large big-ticket companies such as IBM, Lucent Technologies and Coca-Cola (all of whom I have consulted with over the past 10 years).

My multi-database experience is especially compelling. Currently I specialize in Oracle and MySQL but I have more than 15 years' experience in database systems, including DBase, FoxPro, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server. I have also built data warehouse systems that interface with Informix, DB/2 and Btrieve. As a result I have a deep understanding of how database systems can and should work.

Below is a quick summary of my perspective in the areas of database architecture, database development and database administration (DBA). Please contact me via my contact page or call me at 404.644.6798 if you would like me to consider a project with your company.

Database Architecture

Due to my extensive experience, I have developed a very practical and personal approach to database design. I believe that database design must be based on business goals which lead to smart business processes which then determine the architecture of database systems.

One practical way that I implement this is that I often combine process-flow diagrams with physical database structure diagrams in order to illustrate how database tables and relationships support business processes. This is preferable for most business solutions since it shows appropriate detail that illustrates the importance of good database design. At the same time, it doesn't get lost in esoteric logical and physical data diagrams that are of minimal use in most cases.

For more detail about my experience, please follow the resumes link above.

Database Development

My recent focus for database development has been on web application development and cross-platform database development.

In web application development, I have been working extensively with graphic artists and less technically-inclined IT professionals to add whiz-bang data components to web sites. I have writen B2B and e-commerce apps for several web sites. These apps integrate with the look-pretty graphics to add meat to these sites. Here are a few sites for which I have done web application development:

In cross-platform development, recently I wrote a data-loading application that loads to ANY SQL-97 compliant database, a feat that has raised eyebrows when I've described it to some other database consultants. The application dramatically exceeded the expectations of the client, making their product more valuable and providing a compelling choice to the client's clients.

The app was written in Perl so that it runs equally well with any database and on any operating system--Unix or Windows.

DBA - Database Administration

My skill set is currently up-to-date on database administration for Oracle 9i and MySQL 4.1. I provide DBA services to companies in the metro Atlanta area.


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