Web Application Development

by Jay F. Davis, www.acsoft.biz

For web sites that have needs beyond looking pretty, I add the functional whiz-bang data-sharing magic. I work with graphic designers who have great ideas and great designs and help them put together the pieces to make a functional web site that is more than just an online brochure. For more information, please call me at 404.644.6798 or contact me via my contact page.

Web Applications

When I talk about this kind of development, I often say that I do web applications, a particular kind of web site that accomplishes one specific function. Google is a good example. Itís a search engine. Thatís all. I do the search part of the web site—like the back-end of Google—merging it with the pretty design.

Sometimes web applications are just a portion or element of a web page. For example, I can create dynamic menus that change based on the page selected or dynamic news from an Associated Press feed that stays in a small sidebar. I give graphic designers the cookie-cutter code to drop into their web pages to make fancy things work easily.

Code Separation

And because I have worked extensively with graphic designers, I know how to separate my code from their design. Thus, we avoid stepping on each others' toes. It really is as easy as dropping in a short tag that accomplishes a particular function on a web page.

Open-Source Software

I also study open-source software solutions so that I can drop in already-developed and free solutions to accomplish tasks as complex as content management and as simple as a weblog. And I have the programming skills to modify open-source code to meet the needs of a particular client if necessary.

Web Application Source

In sum, I can work with you to create a unique and cost-effective solution for any web site project. If it seems too complicated or just overwhelming, call me, I'd love to make it easy. And my price is reasonable because I re-use code and use open-source applications whenever possible.


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