Sunday September 19, 2004

Web Site Development Services

by Jay F. Davis,

My graphic design network has grown enough in the past year so that I am now offering web site development as a core business service.

But don't get me wrong: I have no plan to get into designing colors & graphics, menus, button animations and the like. My skill set is solid: I create web applications: web-based tools such as Google web searches, sophisticated online polls and custom e-commerce solutions.

However, here's the catch: One way that I have been getting work like this is by networking with graphic design professionals. The evolution of their business is often from print materials such as brochures and annual reports to electronic versions of these such as a web site. Often these designers need help with the more sophisticated web site functions such as the web applications I create.

So I have been getting to know a wide range of graphic design professionals with a wide range of skills, personalities and design senses. Which means that I can help a business find just the right look & feel based on personality and design sense.

Some graphic artists are more playful, some irreverent, others business-like and more rigid. I find that these styles, along with the personalities of the graphic artists themselves, make for a great menu of graphic artists from which to choose in order to meet the particular web site development needs of a client.

Benefits of Working with Amazing Concepts to Create Your Web Site

So, working with Amazing Concepts Software presents some unique benefits in the process of creating a new or improved web site:

  • I work with a broad range of graphic artists and can therefore find just the right mix of design sense and personality for your web site.
  • I have the technical background to make smart, business-oriented design decisions in order to create a truly useful and functional web site. (And one that doesn't become obsolete quickly.)
  • I have broad experience in software development, meaning that I have probably already created a particular web site function similar to that unusual thing that you need.
  • I use and know open-source (free) web solutions that can seriously reduce the cost of development.

So, if you're in the market for a new web site, let's have lunch. If your needs are not sophisticated, I can introduce you to a graphic designer that can create a beautiful & playful site. If you need a complex e-commerce application or something in between, I can help you figure out the best way to do it.


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