Webtoad Mini-CM

by Jay F. Davis, www.acsoft.biz

Amazing Concepts Software's Webtoad Mini Content-Manager (Mini CM), is a simple web site content management tool that allows end-users to control the content of a web site. Mini CM is not designed to be a full-featured content management system. Rather, it is designed to give the most important features to the end user with minimum complexity.


  1. Webtoad Mini-CM can be used with any web site design as long as the design is modular. By modular, I mean that the site has basic, repeated elements on every page. For example, a header, footer and side menu. The modular elements can be of any sort, as long as they are repeated on most pages of the site.
  2. User's can update text on all pages of the site via a web interface. That is, the user goes to a web page and types in text then presses 'Submit' and the changes are updated to the web site.
  3. Pages are automatically optimized for web search engines such as Google. Instructions are included on the main web site update page for what text to include to make for effective Google searches.
  4. Depending on the site's design, images or pictures can be included on web pages and then uploaded to the web site.
  5. Standard html can be included in pages so that practically any imaginable element can be included on a web page.
  6. Pages can be added and deleted and menu items can be added and deleted depending on the structure of the site.

For more information about Webtoad Mini-CM, see Jay's Weblog entry about Webtoad Mini-CM.

To see a couple screenshots of Mini-CM in action, click these links:


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