Monday December 15, 2003

Google Yourself

by Jay F. Davis,

For a recent speaking engagement on database design principles, I decided to google myself just to see what my introducer might pull up if he also decided to google me. One thing I discovered is that of the things that appeared, I was most proud of a few articles I wrote for the Center for Media Literacy more than 10 years ago, especially this one.

There's something enduring about writing that gives a real sense of accomplishment years later when I look back at my work. Software, though equally creative, doesn't have the same enduring quality that lends itself to long-lasting satisfaction.

I think that's one reason that I've mostly ditched the full-time corporate consulting gig: In the world of corporate IT mismanagement just about every one of my projects was eventually cancelled. In contrast, all of my smaller clients are still using my applications even as long as five or six years later.

Back to googling myself, I've discovered that google is an interesting method for selling myself in lesser-known talent-areas. For example, php programmers are still relatively rare, especially those that have ten plus years of database programming experience like myself. The upshot is that I've received job calls recently that found me via google.

So, try googling yourself.

And, in case you're wondering, here are some of the googles I did on myself:


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