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Note: I coded a little natural-writing bot to write up a quick bio of myself. Here it is:

For the past six years, Jay Davis has partnered with two other individuals to run a successful business, MightyJams, LLC, creators of birdJam. Mr. Davis has been the primary technical resource for MightyJams, creating commercial software running on both Windows and Macintosh OS X. For the past two years, he has been writing iPhone Apps for MightyJams.

As a partner in MightyJams, he also created and maintained the company's e-commerce website, developed an e-mail based Help Desk system, automated an e-mail newsletter marketing system, and assured that financial data was transferred automatically to the company's accounting system.

Mr. Davis also continued to work on a part-time basis as a consultant for other businesses. His expertise in building e-commerce web solutions, web applications and in integrating data so that it flows from one system to another has been useful for over a dozen companies.

For one company, he engineered data-loading procedures for mass transit authories across North America, writing procedures for both Unix and Windows servers to load large volumes of data to multiple relational database systems (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL).

His more recent experience builds on Mr. Davis' nearly 20 years as an independent computer consultant, where he specialized in database development, database architecture, internet applications and stand-alone application development.

Because he has worked with end-users as well as corporate executives to design and implement complex data-centric software applications, Mr. Davis has a deep understanding of the elements of successful IT planning and strategy.

In 1988, Mr. Davis completed his Master of Divinity from Emory University, building on a B.A. in Communications from Auburn University. He is a passionate advocate of business integrity. He has honed his communications abilities through writing, public speaking and workshop development.

Mr. Davis has also worked tirelessly not only to understand the technical details of computing, such as internet technologies, web-based marketing and database administration, but also the more philosophical underpinnings of today's information society. He has studied and commented on the importance of open-source software in today's business culture, as well as the unwritten communication "rules" of today's new communication technologies.

For more detail about Mr. Davis' work experience, see the resumés link at the top of the page.


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