Saturday February 26, 2005

What is a Google Magnet?

by Jay F. Davis,

A Google magnet is a web page designed to attract a Google search. Most web pages that I create these days are optimized for certain search phrases. So, for example, this page might hope to attract Google searches on the phrase Google magnet.

It's actually a pretty straightforward process. However, I see web pages all the time that don't take Google (or other search engines) into account in the way their pages are set up.

I've just completed work on a site in which I did only two things:

  1. Optimized the site for Google
  2. Provided a way for the company to easily update and add pages to the site

What I found fascinating about the process was how easy it was to do the basic things necessary for the site to be optimized for a Google search. I provided a way for users to enter a page title, description and page text. Then, the page builder I created automatically puts all of these elements into the proper title, h1, and link text tags so that the pages, in effect, become Google magnets.

If you're interested in reading more, read my article Tips for Writing Effective Google Magnet Pages.


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