Monday March 21, 2005

Learn Bird Songs Site Ready!

by Jay F. Davis,

I've recently completed a new web site based on my interest in bird watching. The site is Learn Bird Songs and it is a wonderful, free tool for learning several bird songs of Eastern North America.

The site is a collaboration between myself, Charles Haynes, my graphic artist colleague, and Lang Elliott, wildlife recordist and nature photographer. What a great combination!

The site is one step to a dream that I have of merging my passion for birds with my love of software development. The Learn Bird Songs site is one way I hope to generate interest in birdPod, software I am developing for listening to bird songs in the field.

Check out the page sounds and song of the Eastern Towhee. We've used a small Flash player to begin immediate playback of the bird song so that you can listen to the bird right from the web site with immediate response!

If you're interested in bird songs other than the song of the Eastern Towhee, see the site index for the entire list of bird songs available online.

Please let me know what you think of it!


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