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Atlanta PHP Developer

Summary: Atlanta PHP Developer specializing in PHP, mobile and web-based solutions using MariaDb (MySQL), Linux and open-source flavors of Unix. Broad experience in database administration (MariaDb/MySQL/Oracle), Linux/Unix server administration, application development and operating systems. A team player and leader with excellent written and verbal communication skills and outstanding interpersonal skills.

Programming Languages and Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise: Web applications, database system architecture and design, data warehousing, Unix system administration, user interface and ergonomics, multilingual application development, feasibility analysis and prototyping, application and query performance tuning.

Languages: PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Java (JDBC, Groovy), XML, Perl (DBI), Shell Scripting, Oracle PL/SQL.

Database Management Systems: MySQL, MariaDb, Oracle, Access, Btrieve, FoxPro, dBase.

OS Expertise: Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows Server, .

Summary of DBMS, PHP, Perl Experience

PHP: 12 years.

Perl: 14 years.

MySQL/MariaDb: 12 years.

Data Architecture: 19+ years, including all phases of design process from gathering of business requirements to user interface design and logical and physical database design.

Oracle Development: 12+ years.

Microsoft Access: 10+ years.

Total DBMS Experience: 20+ years.

Relevant Project Consulting Experience

Worked as a consultant or employee with various companies from 1993 to present. Significant projects (in reverse chronological order):

  1. May 2011 to present, ongoing: PHP Developer for Phase 3 Media and Communications (formerly Boxkite Media Services and Sound Enterprises Consulting):

    • Consultant working on various projects, web sites and mobile solutions.
    • Incorporated latest web technologies into business products including PHP, Javascript, custom CMS systems, responsive design principles and e-commerce systems.
    • Wrote code to interface with various web APIs including Thingworx, MailChimp, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Weather, Pinterest, etc. etc.

  2. Jan. 2005 to 2012: PHP Developer and Technology Lead for MightyJams, LLC [Atlanta, GA]

    Managed all aspects of technology strategy for MightyJams, LLC. Designed and created:

    • E-commerce web site using the LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and osCommerce (open-source e-commerce software based on PHP). Extensively customized many aspects of the standard osCommerce codebase.
    • PHP-based web services for use with iPhone Apps (high scores, user registration, help).
    • PHP-based web application to allow custom content to be added from a web site to Windows and Mac desktop programs.
    • (Also wrote Windows programs, Mac programs and iPhone Apps.)

  3. 2000 to present, ongoing: Independent PHP Developer and Consultant [Atlanta, GA]

    Developed web applications and e-commerce web sites for various clients. Some examples:

    • Knitch Knitting: Created e-commerce web site using Zen Cart (PHP-based e-commerce software), customizing many aspects of the codebase. [2005-present]
    • Wrote PHP, Perl and JavaScript code to drive content then wrote Perl and Unix shell scripts to automate loading of order data from Windows 2000 Server accounting system so that clients can check current order status online. [Patina, Inc.: 2002-2008]
    • Developed custom "mini" content management system used by various small businesses.
    • Developed store location management system that automatically integrated database of store locations into web sites for Moe's Southwest Grill and PJ's Coffee.
    • Developed wholesale management e-commerce website using Zen Cart, with many modifications to the codebase. [Big Fish Fulfillment]
    • Developed survey research web site. [MetaLogic Research, Inc.]
  4. Oct. 2003 to Feb. 2004: Oracle Data Warehouse Architect, Developer, DBA [Atlanta, GA]

    Reviewed, analyzed and updated very large Oracle data warehouse system providing order visibility information for order tracking and metrics (see 5 below). Updated data elements to synchronize with SAP conversion, including PL/SQL procedures, Korn Shell and Perl load scripts. Updated load procedures, perfomed all DBA tasks and updated Microsoft Access end-user reporting tool. [Client: Lucent Technologies]

  5. Sep. 2002 to present, ongoing: Oracle Database Programmer, DBA

    Designed data structures and loading strategy for data warehousing component of automated passenger counting system used on buses in major transit systems throughout North America. Wrote Perl, Oracle SQL*Loader and ANSI-SQL scripts to load data; Used Oracle 8/9/10/11i, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Currently continuing maintenance and rollout of system to major transit system in North America. [Client: Urban Transportation Associates, Cincinnati, OH.]

  6. Sep. 2001 to Apr. 2002: Oracle Data Warehouse Architect, DBA [Atlanta, GA]

    Gathered business requirements, designed and developed Oracle data warehouse to analyze huge amounts of transit data for metrics and government reporting. Wrote Java, Perl, HP-Unix shell, and PL/SQL programs to gather data from various Unix, Mainframe and PC systems. Performed all DBA tasks. Worked closely with developers to design OLAP analysis system and web-based reports. [Client: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority]

  7. Mar. 2000 to Jun. 2001: Oracle Data Warehouse Architect, Developer, DBA [Atlanta, GA]

    Designed, implemented and maintained very large Oracle 8i data warehouse providing order visibility information for order tracking and metrics. Designed parallel data-gathering techniques, wrote PL/SQL programs to gather data from DB/2 system, tuned queries, wrote Perl and Korn Shell scripts (Solaris), performed all DBA tasks and supported end-user reporting tool using Microsoft Access. [Client: Lucent Technologies]

  8. Jan. 1997 to Oct. 1999: Oracle Data Warehouse Architect, Developer Lead, DBA

    Wrote business requirements, designed and then directed a team of four programmers to implement an Oracle 7 data warehouse and application front-end for use in management of large telephone network construction projects. Wrote PL/SQL programs, Korn Shell scripts (Solaris) and Visual Basic 5 code to automate gathering of data from DB/2. Performed various DBA tasks.

    Analyzed existing Oracle 7 application and front-end, designed and created enhancements and tuned Oracle stored procedures to dramatically improve performance using VB 6.

    Designed and implemented system procedures to transfer files across a WAN using NT Servers, Perl 5 and Windows NT command files. [Client: Lucent Technologies, Whippany, NJ.]

  9. Aug. 1994 to Dec. 1996: Data Warehouse Architect, Developer and Development Manager [Atlanta, GA]

    Created data warehouse, directed team in creation of system used to track installation costs for large construction projects using VB 4, Access 2 and Btrieve. [Client: AT&T Outside Plant Systems]

  10. Feb. 1994 to Aug. 1994: Oracle Database Architect, Developer, DBA [Atlanta, GA]

    Created Oracle application used to define corporate business terms and processes using Access 2 and Oracle 7. Performed DBA tasks.

    Designed and created database tool to track relationships among various corporate entities using Access 2. [Client: The Coca-Cola Company International]

  11. Jan. 1993 to Feb. 1994: Database Developer [Atlanta, GA]

    Created portions of multilingual point-of-sale (POS) system using VB, Access and HP Unix.

    Maintained existing systems in FoxBase+/UNIX and FoxPro/Windows. [Client: WalMart Vision Centers]

  12. Feb. 1990 to Jan. 1993: Manager of Information Systems [Full-Time Position]

    Designed, created and maintained membership tracking and product sales DBMS using FoxBase+/Macintosh. [Employer: Center for Media Literacy, Los Angeles, CA.]

Academic Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in Communications, with honors. Minor in Physics. Auburn University, 1984.

Master of Divinity, with honors. Emory University, 1988.